Raw Egg Rice(Poor man rice)




Raw Egg Rice

originary i have no idea whrere this food come from, but what i know is, this food is taken by ancestor, grand ancestor, grand grand ancestor and grand grand grand ancestor. Although it is not good to eat raw food, but then... i think raw egg rice is a very healty and nutritional food. most people will not try this food, because they scare will die after eating a raw egg(kidding) yea..... taste it, u woun't regreat it.(maybe)


1 raw egg

1 bowl of hot steam rice

1 tbsp of soya sauce

seedweed slice (depend how much u want to add)

sliced of spring onion (depend on how much you want to put)


crack an egg on a bowl to make sure that the egg is good to eat. on another bowl, fill it up with hot steam rice, and make a hole in the middle. pour in the egg into the hole, then add a tbsp of soya sauce and mix them well with your spoon or  chopstick. when everthing is mix well together, garnish it with thinly sliced sea weed and slice spring onion.


you can replace soya sauce with another sauce, if you found out that you dont like soya sauce or what.

take 1 tbsp of soya sauce and mix with 1/2 tbsp of sugar, mix them until the sugar dissolve then add the mixture into the rice, it will taste better

next, this is one of the dish that i make for myself when i have nothing to eat (T.T) this is as easy as ABC and 123, DIY and enjoy a healty life.

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