Macaroni and cheese


Indeed it is Mac and cheese.... i edited the recipe... hope you guys like it...

Ingredient(2 serving)

1 cup Macaroni 

1 cup of mix cheese ( i use cheddar cheese , pamazone cheese, mozzarella )

1 tbs butter

1 tbs of flour

2 cups of milk

few drop of worcestershire sauce

fresh nut mag

1 ts thymes

1 ts parsley

pinch white paper

1/2 tbs salt



heat the butter in a sauce pan with low heat, add the flour in when the butter started to melt. you will get roux when the mixture combine together, increase the heat, then add in white paper, parsley, and thymes. cook it until the flavour come our.  then add in the milk and the salt, wisk it all together  then drop a few drop of worcestershire sauce in it,  grind some fresh nut mag in. let it heat until it start bubbling, turn off heat and add the cheese in, mix it all up and u will get the sauce.


fill the pot with water and let it to boil with salt. when water start to boil, pour in the macaroni and it it cook for 10-15 minutes. stir it so that the macaroni won't stick together 


mix tehsauce and the macaroni together and top it with cheese and it it bake for 6 minutes just to let the crush brown.


Cold milk + hot roux =no  lump

 hot milk + hot roux = lump

dont add so much salt, because cheese contain salt

worcestershire sauce also known as lea and perrins sauces


Potato Fries

Potato Fries

okey.... the reason why i put this recipe in here is because i anti those factory made fries......

PS: i apologize for hurting your feeling, but then i don't really enjoy eating factory fries. BTW i still eat them.... but very rarely 


300 gm Potato

4-5 cups of oil ( depend on how big is your fryer)


Cut the potato into few cm thick long, about 4cm like that..try cut the potato as equal as possible. so that it cook with the same time. 

after cutting, put into your freezer to freeze it. froze it for about an hour then take it out.

heat the oil in a pot or deep fryer with low heat, then put the potato in slowly, be careful do not overload it, make sure the oil cover the potato. slowly cook it until it about to turn brown. about 10-15 minutes, then remove it from the oil and put it aside, let it rest for 5 minutes then reheat the oil with medium heat, then put the half cook potato friend back into the oil. cook it for another 5 minutes then your fries is cook.


homemade potato fries taste better then factory fries.




i cheated abit...

i sprinkle some corn starch and black paper before i cook them.