Shepard Pie

shepard pie  

Shepard pie is a perfect dish for those who always rush in and out like mad. shepard pie also known as meat pie, which all the meat is dump in a bowl or baking dish,(whatever you like to call it) and cover it with mash potato then top with cheese............


2 tbs of butter

2-3 number of shallot (mince)

1 clove garlic (mince)

2 number bombay  onion (slice)

1-2  stick of celery(depend on how much can you eat) (cube)

1/2 cup of mix frozen viggie( green peas , carrot , corn)

beef broth (not so much)

300gm of ground meat ( beef , lamb, turkey, dog, cat , human)(am just joking abt the dog cat and human)

salt and paper for taste

mash potato enough to cover the mixture (check my mash potato recipe)

cheddar cheese


preheat your frying pan with medium heat fire. Saute onions, celery, garlic and shallot in butter until tender over medium heat,  then add ground meat into the mixture. before the meat cooked, add beef broth into the mixture. Saute it until the water dry up abit, add in seasoning, then add mix viggie into the micture. saute it for few minutes (1-1.5 minutes).

Then, tranfer the mixture into a baking dish, until it cover almost 2/3 of the dish.use a spatula or spoon to compress the mixture to make it flat to make more space.then fill in the 1/3 of the dish with mashed potato. and sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top of the dish. Then, bake it in a oven until the cheese start to bubble or lightbrown


best serve while it is hot

burn cheese taste good (for me)


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