Wat Tan Noodle (Wat Tan Hoor)

Wat Tan Hoor

i dont think there is there is english name for this dish... all i can think of now is  smooth egg gravy noodle. cause in chinese "Wat" is smooth, "Tan" is egg and "Hoor" is flat noodle, soooo... wat tan hoor smooth egg gravy flat noodle.. LOL. this is one of my childhood favourite dish, which i used to order in those coffee shop. there aredifferent ways of cooking this dish, but then this is my way of cooking it. 


100gm meat (chicken or pork) (slice)

4-5 number of garlic(chopped)

2-3 number of shallot(chopped)

2-3 number prawn(clean)

100gm mustard green( cut into 2-3 inch long)

200-350 gm noodle( flat noodle, egg noodle, rice noodle)

4-6 tbs of oil

2 cup of water

1-2tbs of corn starch( add water to disolvethe starch)(amount of start is depending on how starchy you want)

1 softly beaten egg

salt and pepper to taste


preheat your wok woth high heat, then add 4 tbs of oil into the wok and heat the oil again,(make sure the wok is really hot), then add noodle into the wok, and stir fry the noodle.(egg noodle and flat rice noodle are used to stir fry, but rice noodle are deep fry) stir fry for few minutes until there is a bit burn on the noodle, then tranfer the noodle to a serving plate. 

before making the gravy, shallow fry the prawn with the remaining oil, then remove the prawn from the wok, reused the oil to fry the garlic  and shallot, fry until the smell come out then add in the meat, stir the meat, so that the meat is not burn, add water in when the meat is about to cook. turn up the fire to high heat, and wait for the water to start bubbling, adjust the taste with salt and paper, then add the fried prawn in so as the mustard green. when the water start to boil, turn off the fire and in the beaten egg. then pour the gravy on the fried noodle just now


there is your Wat Tan Noodle....


green viggie woun't hurt you, there is no harm by adding extra viggie

dont be affraid of the burn on the wok, it give flavour to the gravy later

add according on what you want.



October 17, 2009 at 10:58 PM

"hor" in chinese is river. then smooth egg river??? hahahaha


October 17, 2009 at 11:02 PM

the egg is sooooo smooth that
it flow into your stomach
just like the river flow..

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